Revamping Your Life by Using Neuro Linguistic Programming

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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a system of self-improvement developed in the 1970s, and has helped many people improve their lives. A highly trained NLP practitioner can help people with different areas of communication, different phobias, and other areas such as self confidence and esteem.

Continue on as we share a couple of important approaches to using Neuro Linguistic Programming.

You never know about something, or how something really is at the core; and that’s a very important idea in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Everything we see, think and believe is a matter of perception. If you had a certain way of looking at something and then changed how you look at it – would your perception of it change? Yes, it would. We are not locked into any particular way of seeing things, so we have complete control over our lives. NLP is made up of many different methods and exercises that help you put this into practice by changing the way you look at things. The resultant premise is that you do control your life and destiny, and therefore you can create your life’s experiences.

When you learn about neuro linguistic programming, you start to look at the world, and other people differently. NLP teaches you to look at patterns in the way people behave so you can understand them better and communicate with them more effectively.

Did you know, just as an example, that people have certain facial and eye expressions depending on certain thoughts they have? When someone is trying to remember something, they tend to look up and to the right. Many such patterns have been studied and identified. Some patterns can be complex, and other factors can come into play such as the dominant side of a person.

One powerful effect you can achieve with NLP is changing the movies and pictures in your mind that actually are more powerful than you may realize. You’d be surprised how many people have to give presentations at work, and at the same time they are very uncomfortable doing that. You now have an image in your mind of this uncomfortable situation. Create a new image where you are speaking with confidence and everyone is listening and appreciating what you are saying. Then, make the new image a small obscure dot that is within the normal and larger “old” image. Now replace the old with the new, and you do that by slowly watching the new one get bigger and bigger until it blocks out the old image and only the new is left standing. If you practice this simple NLP exercise, you’ll be able to make fast changes in how you feel about many things.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is flexible and versatile, and who really knows but perhaps that is why it’s so popular. We’ve only discussed several techniques and uses, and there are many more within the field. If you keep the above NLP benefits and tactics in mind, you can begin to see rapid improvements in your own life.

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Revamping Your Life by Using Neuro Linguistic Programming

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This article was published on 2010/12/14