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The internet world is fast becoming indispensable. The latest rage of the decade is social networking. Social networking started from private LANs in universities and offices and then spread out in the form of Orkut and Facebook to become worldwide online communities.

Like these social sites that are used for jolly good messaging, there are discussion forums within communities, groups or events. Like minded people gather over to discuss issues of common interests. An advanced and more intense platform of these discussion forums are programming forums. You can find them within social networking sites or operating as separate websites.

They operate in the same way as community discussion boards. People talk on a predetermined topic which is in range of the broad IT related URL of the website. There may be sub-topics for much focused discussions.

A programming forum is an online discussion community of serious professional or aspiring programmers and software developers. They usually gather on a single platform to discuss new software inventions, information about their professional endeavors, seek out questions and answers, and thrive on tricks and techniques to handle any upcoming software.

It is evident that programming forums because of their technical and informative professional discussions are a progressive forum for expert programmers and a helping guide for new ones. Even people who do not do programming professionally may gain from it as a hobby or as a side subject of their main degree course. If you are trying your hands on rather a technically intense source code as your programming thesis you can seek out advice and opinions from experts in a reliable manner. The common social discussion forums are divided according to big topics like food, relationships, health, astrology, studies, sports etc. in the same manner some programming forums are divided into a particular ‘programming technology.

You can always dedicate programming forums for specific languages e.g. Sun Studio's Java or Microsoft's Dot net platform, where focused discussion on this language is carried on. On the other hand, broad coverage programming forums are likely to be there with threads for discussing individual languages like Perl, PHP, and Python etc.

Like most proper discussion forums, a programming forum is moderated by 1 or more persons with a set of rules and regulations. Once you decide to become a member (most sites will ask you to register), then you will have to agree by those terms. You cannot just go into any thread and start conversing unless it is in advancement of the thread topic. For your own queries you will need to start a separate thread and wait for some programmer to reply to you. Any issues of profane language, dragging a finished topic, annoying group members etc. may come under strict penalty. The moderator can cancel your membership and impose a permanent ban on you with or without warning.

When you are in this place of the literate technical world then enjoy it to the fullest by being safe and learning new techniques to improve your skills. Happy discussion!



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Information On Programming Forums

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This article was published on 2011/01/03