How Neuro Linguistic Programming Works

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Though NLP is a wide body of knowledge, it is still possible to define the most essential components of this body of theory & practice. The following definitions can help you grasp what NLP is all about:
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I. Neuro
NLP has an intense focus on the way people think and how peoples though fall into discernible and understandable patterns. Apart from addressing the way one thinks at the moment, NLP is also keen on finding out if a person or a group of people follow specific trends that have been identified throughout the years of existence of this discipline.
Once the patterns have been identified, the next phase is to find out how these patterns are affecting our personal and professional lives.
Often, people encounter stumbling blocks at work because they are unable to provide a specific type of thought pattern that would work in such an environment. NLP teaches people how to think and change what must be changed so you can achieve success.
II. Linguistic
The linguistic component of NLP is just as important as its thought component. While it is true that success is largely influenced by what we think and how we think, there is also a need to understand how human language actually works.
Now, there should be no confusion - the structure of human language is made up of more than words, phrases and expressions. The power of language runs more deeply than that - and NLP can help you unlock the language of business, better personal relationships, etc. Literally, ones skill in social communication is a good measure of his potential for success later in life.
III. Programming
Believe it or not, the human brain uses programs to ensure that your life runs smoothly, with the least amount of issues or problems. The efficiency at which these programs are carried out is largely dependent on the person.
Some people are more skilled in programming their social interactions, thought patterns and goals. Some just need to reconfigure some life programming they have already carried out. To create a positive change on ones life, you need to understand how your lifes strategies are laid out - and this is where NLP can aid you. Once you are able to identify your lifes strategies, you now have a choice to do more of the same or not. Its as simple as that.
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How Neuro Linguistic Programming Works

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This article was published on 2011/01/23